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A professor gave a balloon to every student to write their name on it and throw it in the hallway. The students were given 5 minutes to find their own balloon. No one found their balloon.

The professor told the students to take the 1st balloon they found and hand it to the person whose name was written on it. Within 5 minutes, everyone had their own balloon.

The professor said to the students: "These balloons are like happiness. We will never find it if everyone is looking for their own. But if we care about other people's happiness, we'll find ours too."

(From: Britta Gisders/fb)

Find the good.

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"And if you don't think you have anything to be grateful for, keep looking. Because you don't just receive optimism. You can't wait for things to be great and then be grateful for that. You've got to behave in a way that promotes that." - Michael J. Fox

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One day you will realize that happiness is not what your house looks like, but how you love the people within its walls.

Happiness is not finding success by a certain time, but finding something you love so much time itself seems to disappear.

Happiness is not thinking you have earned the worlds approval, but waking up each day and feeling so at peace within your own skin, quietly anticipating the day ahead, unconcerned with how you are perceived.

Happiness is not having the best of everything, but the ability to make the best of anything.

Happiness is knowing you did what you could with what you were given.

Happiness is not something that comes to us when every problem is solved and all things ar

e perfectly in place, but in the shining silver linings that remind us of the light of day is lather, if we slow down enough to notice. --Brianna Wiest

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